Friday, November 14, 2008

Playing "Mercy" with Sneaky Pete

My last two days at Coventry have been emotional. I don't know how many more times I will be there before I have a job that will take me away.

One of the Stars came in a bad mood, but during Circle Time he asked for prayer to help him with his attitude. He chose the person he wanted to pray for him and it was moving to hear this Star recognize he had a problem and that he knew The One that could help him with it.

I also got to watch my Sneaky Pete not be sneaky. Okay, he did try to turn off the computer when he thought I wasn't looking, but computer time isn't his favorite. It is hard to see what everyone else is doing when you're focusing on a screen. He is more and more aware that he has the right side of his body. Exercises that I once had to help him through he does on his own. And do not play "Mercy" with this man. He is so strong he will snap your fingers off! I had to adapt that little exercise for my protection. It's not really suppose to be "Mercy", but an exercise where you stretch out your fingers. But, it turned into "Mercy". And he thought it was funny that he was so much stronger than me.

The therapy Robin does with these guys is fascinating. She works their brains so hard and they are blooming. I get to help them warm up for their time with her and I love it.

One of our Stars made his first tall vase. It was very exciting and there were lots of "Congratulations" going his way from the other Stars. I helped three of the guys make trays and a bowl. I hope they turn out well. Joyce is very patient with me as I'm learning what it the best way to do things with the clay.

I was told by one of the Stars that he thought I was funny and that I should be a comedian. That made me laugh. He also said I was sweet, which shows he doesn't know me that well! At the end of the day he said he was thinking about getting a girlfriend. I told him girls were a lot of trouble and he didn't need to worry about having one, he was better off without one. He said he thinks girls are sweet, which goes to show he doesn't spend a lot of time around girls. His brother has a girlfriend and apparently she is sweet. So, now he's decided he needs one.

Coventry is mind boggling special. Sometimes it's hard to believe it's real, that a place with so much love can exist, but it does.

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