Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Callie's Cramp

Callie has started basketball tryouts for this year. She doesn't do any physical activities any other time of the year, so when she got in the car yesterday, screamed, and grabbed her leg I knew she had a cramp. Plus, her calf muscle was bulging and she doesn't really have calf muscles.

So, I grabbed her leg and started working on the cramp. She thought I didn't understand she was hurting and began yelling even louder.

If you passed our van yesterday and witnessed wailing, thrashing, and violent shaking, it was just us getting the cramp out. Please do not call CPS.


Dreama said...

Ha Ha!!! I remember those type of cramps!! Basket ball practice was always a killer!!

Shanda said...

My children have just begun the whole cramping/growth pain part of life!

I dropped in from the CWO site. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!