Friday, January 11, 2008

John Kennedy is Muslim...

and other bizarre things my kids have said today:

Phil: Where do you want to go for your birthday dinner?
Callie: Chile
Phil: We aren't going to South America for your birthday dinner.

Me: What did the Box family give you for your birthday?
Callie: This High School Musical card that plays music and this funny pen and some gums.
Me: GUM!

Icee: What did you get for your birthday?
Callie: I got some gums.
Me: GUM!

Callie to Scooter: You smell stink!

And during dinner at CHILI'S -
Clay: I learned today that J.F. Kennedy is Muslim.
Phil & Aaron: WHAT?
Turning to me, Clay: What is J.F. Kennedy?
Me: Dead.
Aaron: That's what I was about to say.
Clay: No! What church did he go to?
Me: He was Catholic.
Clay: Oh, right.

On the way home from CHILI'S -
Callie: Do we eat cows?
Clay: Yeah, that's what hamburgers are made with. That's why their called HAMburgers.
Callie: Are turkeys made out of turkeys?
Everyone: YES!
Callie: I think pigs are made out of steak or something.
Corinn: Uhhh, nooo.
Callie: I think pigs are made out of bacon.
Phil: Yep, if you take a bag made out of skin and stuff it with bacon it will make a pig.

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