Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mother's Day is a comin'

Just to let you know, I'm writing this while coming out of a 7 day fog. I caught a nasty virus from my foster grand baby and it put me under. She bounced right through it as all tinies should. If things seem a bit off, I blame the virus.

Four companies have come to my attention recently.

If a company catches my eye then that means they offer more than just a product.

The first one is Akola. I first heard of them from my cashier at Whole Foods. He admired my fair trade grocery basket and told me about his friend's company. I, then, found their shop in Deep Ellum and it is so beautiful. If you need a peaceful spot while your strolling through the neighborhood, then I highly suggest taking a look. You can also purchase online. The company has created a sustainable impact model for women living in extreme poverty in Uganda. Their US branch offers an economic alternative to sex trafficking victims through business training and employment.

100% of Akola profits invest in empowerment and wellness programs for 250 women impacting 2,500 lives.

And their jewelery is stunning.

While strolling through the Deep Ellum Arts Festival my friends and I came across the next company.

ellajude make such lovey stuff. They handcraft these chunky, funky, worn, bright pieces. And, of course, it has a reason for existing beyond just being lovely. Five percent of the purchase price of any piece goes to support Casa De Amor in Bolivia. I really liked the 3/4" Word Bracelets. I actually squealed when I saw the one that says "create" 'cause that's my word for the year. You can ask my friend, Jacqueline, about the excitement. Josh and April, the creative husband and wife team, were so sweet to chat with. And I'm thrilled they use their business to build others up.

A company I stumbled on this past week while sick is Sackcloth & Ashes. I'm so glad they really exist and I didn't just dream them up during the fever stages. You can find their blankets at Anthropologie, so many of you probably already know about them. They are ethically sourced and fair trade. I really like the red Socality one. The cool thing about this company is they give a blanket to one of your local homeless shelters for every blanket you purchase.

The last one is Tiny Bee Gift Co. For every book purchased they give a book to the library of your choice. So sweet. So easy. So cute!

Well, there you have it. Four companies that have caught my eye recently. Make your mom happy. Give her something that gives even more.

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