Monday, April 15, 2013

These Children Are A Most Wonderful Thing

I have this thing for people with special needs. I like them. I've always found myself drawn to them.

Not sure why.

When I was growing up, long, long ago...people with special needs were tucked away and not seen out in public very much. They were never in any of my classes. Now, I did grow up in very small towns, so my public was always very limited. I might have been exposed to more if I had been in a large city or large school system. I don't know.

Maybe, when I was younger, it was the novelty of being in their presence.

What I do know is I never felt fear or disgust. I always felt drawn by love.

All these years later, I have a special needs daughter (by way of China) and a special needs nephew and special needs cousins and special needs friends.

So, when the latest Compassion Magazine arrived I was excited to see the cover story Highly Vulnerable Highly Valued.

Watch Erick's story:

 One in 10 children worldwide has special needs, while one in 5 of the world's poorest has special needs.  

Interested in sponsoring a child with special needs? Click here.

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