Thursday, September 13, 2012


Heavenly Father,

Thank You for being the ultimate Father, the One that can be depended on completely and totally.

Thank You for loving me without reservation. I don't deserve it or understand it. You are the God of the universe - all knowing, all seeing. It makes no sense You would have time for me. I'm so thankful You do. Thankful that You don't have to make time for me. You just are there, always, forever.

Thank You for Grabiela and Eudi and their involvement in Compassion. May they bloom, grow, and flourish in their programs. May their involvement change their families and neighborhoods for good.

I ask that You fill them with a deep knowledge of You so they can grow up understanding the way You work and move in their lives and everything around them. Help them understand Your ways are not their ways early in life. Help them walk in a way that honors You and bears good fruit.

Thank You for protecting them. 

Thank You for allowing our family to be a part of their lives.

Thank You that even though we are separated by many miles our families can know nothing can separate us from Your love.

Thank You for being You.

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