Friday, July 23, 2010

Bright lights

My cousin, Lezlee, is having another party over at her place. Lezlee is extremely gifted in repurposing. She blows me away. In fact, I'm just plain jealous of her talent.

Back to her party. People show how they've repurposed stuff in their blogs and link to her blog.

Not too long ago Lezlee posted a picture of her guest room with a fun birdcage she turned into a wall lamp.

I don't have any nifty birdcages around the place, but I do have something else that I made into a lamp. I had planned to make it a fish bowl, but realized that I would probably just kill the fish. I don't have a good reputation with fish. My family makes fun of my inability to keep fish alive. Every time I get a strong urge to get a fish I remind myself that I have a creek full of fish. It's also full of turtles and snakes, but I try not to think about the snakes. So here is a picture of my repurposed lamp.


Prior said...

Haa Haa! I LOVE that! I used to have a lamp, I mean blender, just like that! The fish bowl idea is great too, but I'd have to remember to take the blade out, eek...Just got in from Georgetown, it was work and fun combined, tired, but I got got a super something that reminds me of my childhood. Thanks so much for joining my party! Lez

Prior said...

ha ha ha ha! I love it!!! It makes me laugh...I used to have a lamp, I mean blender just like that! The fish bowl would be a good idea, long as you took the blades out, ewww, lol. Thanks so much for joining the party! We just got in from Georgetown, tired, but had fun...Lezlee

shannon i olson said...

That is fun! Great idea, yes Lezlee is talented!

Feel free to stop by asouthernbellewithnorthernroots.blogspot and see info on an upcoming link party called Storytellers, starting Sept. 1.

Prior said...

go visit prior and catch up on Jared! Lezlee