Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm a Great, Great Aunt!

I didn't even know I was a great aunt, but my 10 year old niece has announced that she is a grandmother. I know! It's a miracle!

Her horse, Buttercup, had a foal. No one knew she was expecting. Well, I guess Buttercup knew. She just didn't tell anyone.

Shelby is SO excited about being a grandmother. My mom won't admit to being a great, great grandmother. She doesn't like animals. She did buy one of my dogs a gourmet treat once. I think heat stroke or shopping fatigue or something like that was involved 'cause she really doesn't like animals.

But anyway, Buttercup is the proud mother of Buttermilk and has been lovingly sharing her new baby with Shelby. She doesn't mind Shelby's petting and playing with Buttermilk.

I didn't realize I was old enough to be a great, great aunt. My sister was shocked to find she was a great grandmother. But, we are all taking it in stride. Except for the great, great grandmother.

No pictures yet of Buttermilk, but I've been told she is a real beauty.

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