Saturday, November 10, 2007

Unexpected Phone Call

My son calls when I'm about a mile away from his little country school. The conversation goes something like this:

Aaron: Are you coming to get us?
Me: I'm almost there.
Aaron: You're gonna have to come in the building. We can't go outside.
Me: What are you talking about?
Aaron: There is an escaped convict and we can't leave the education building.
Me: You are pulling my leg. What are y'all up to?
Aaron: No really, we're in lock down. Mrs. Kuhnast is standing right here. And Mrs. Montgomery.
Me: You are so full of it.
Aaron: No one is walking around outside. No one can go outside. Wait til you get here, you'll see. Here ask Layne.
Me: Oh, like I'm gonna believe Layne.
Layne: He's not kidding. I don't lie. I'm a honest person. Ask Mrs. Kuhnast, she's even more honest than me.
(Mrs. K laughing in the background)
Layne: Mrs. Kuhnast, are we on lock down?
Mrs. Kuhnast: Yes we are.
Me: Okay, I'm almost there.

Sure enough. Dads are guarding the school grounds and a helicopter is flying overhead. I asked one of the "guards" to cover me as I went inside.

Read the official story.

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