Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Free Lunch/Wasted Food

I work in a place that (I don't want to say offers, because it is the government that does the offering) oversees the free summer lunch program.

One of the rules is that no food can leave the cafeteria. Parents want to take leftovers home. They have to throw away the leftovers, so if the rules are followed the trashcans leave the building full of perfectly good food. Yes, your tax dollars are paying for that food rolling to the dumpsters.

Thankfully, I haven't been told to make anyone chunk their food. I wouldn't handle that very well.

It is incredibly wasteful. I'm sure there are people that would "abuse" the system, but I'm not the person to determine if someone is an abuser. I'm not sure what an "abuser" of the system would do to "abuse" the system. Maybe give food to someone who needed it?


crazyBugga said...

u mean u guys actually have leftovers at a FREE lunch program????


nancy said...

things like a little bit of mashed potatoes here, peaches could be that they are saving a little to take home for later...what is bad is when the lactose intolerant don't want to take the milk because they know they can't drink it and they are told they have to take it or when vegetarians are made to take the meat, because you have to take everything offered. they could offer it to another child, but i guess they are uncomfortable offering it to someone they don't know.